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Waste Collection

We offer trash and junk collection services for homes and businesses, on a regular pickup schedule or special occasions (such as afterevents cleanup, seasonal tree pruning, landscaping projects, disposal of old furniture and electronics, etc.); we separate and recycle all that is possible to salvage and reuse, and the rest is disposed of appropriately, within the guidelines regulations regarding community safety and the environment.

If you are unsure of how to dispose appropriately of certain household or office items, such as out-of-service electronics or medical waste, or would like to arrange a regular collection schedule for your home or business, we'll be glad to help. We also offer special rates for businesses and organizations - get in touch with us to find out more.

Waste management and recycling

Please note that certain materials may not be disposed of in a regular dumpster for removal to a landfill: in this case, we will be glad to arrange special waste collection and management, depending on your needs and the nature of the waste.

Medical and pharmaceutical waste

For health centers, medical practices, and households: we remove and dispose adequately of biohazardous waste such as needles or medicines past-date.

Batteries, fuels, paints, tires.

For mechanic garages or DIY car maintenance, arrange for pickup of hazardous materials for appropriate disposal.

Furniture, appliances, electronics, lightbulbs and tubes

One man's trash may be another man's treasure - we pick up your old furniture, appliances and electronics; everything that may be fixed or taken apart for salvage and reuse will be destined to benefit members of the community who may need it. Unusable and unsalvageable items will be handled in accordance with environmental laws.

Used oil

For households, restaurants, mechanic garages or other industries: arrange for your used oil to be taken away to be recycled or disposed of safely.

Household chemicals and hazardous materials

For contractors, renovators and household DIY projects: arrange for pickup and appropriate disposal of special waste such as varnishes or cleaning chemicals. For asbestos removal, we will be glad to arrange for specialized professionals to handle the job safely.

When unsure about safe and responsible disposal of certain materials, or if you would like to pass on items no longer needed for reuse and recycling, please contact us - we'll be glad to answer your questions regarding lawful, environmentally-friendly disposal of special waste, and recycling/reuse community programs.